Asset-based community development: Proud Papakura Proud

The Brief from the Papakura Business Association

One of the key goals for the Papakura Business Association is to create a town centre that is accessible, attractive, connected and safe. The Association and the Papakura Local Board engaged Business Lab to work with the community to achieve this goal.

Our Solution

The project started off under the name “Safe and Welcoming Papakura”. During one of the first planning workshops we hosted, the attendees landed on a new programme name and vision:

PROUD PAPAKURA PROUD: A safe, healthy, culturally diverse community where we all trust and support each other

This was a way to demonstrate a shift from a “deficit mindset” to an “asset mindset”. Rather than focusing on the “problems” in the community, Proud Papakura Proud focuses people on a positive vision for the future.

The Results

Welcome to Papakura.jpg

Since 2016, a number of intiatives have been organised under the Proud Papakura Proud banner, including:

Cultural Identity 

  • Tikanga Talks 1 – March 2017, hosted by the Papakura Marae and focused on te ao Māori and te Tiriti o Waitangi.

  • Tikanga Talks 2 – August 2017, hosted by the Papakura Marae and focused on the principles of tikanga Māori and how these might apply to local business

  • Tikanga Talks 3 – November 2018, hosted by Papakura High School and focused on the Papakura High School and Papakura Marae stories.

Positive Stories 

This workstream has resulted in a new street festival in 2018 to celebrate Papakura’s cultural uniqueness. This attracted over 50 stalls and 6,500 event goers. Planning is underway for the 2019 event with hopes for 8,000 attendees. (Credit to Liu Chen from Stuff for the photos below.)

Youth Employment

Two events have been held to link young people with local employers, with more planned. The most recent event had an entrepreneurial theme and was well attended.

Continued Support to Embed Outcomes

We continue to support the Papakura Business Association’s work through our Continuity Programme, providing leadership support and advice, assisting at meetings and attending events.

We really value the ability to bounce ideas and thoughts off the Business Lab team, and the consistency across the years of working with each other.
— — Tracy Shackleton, Papakura Business Association Town Centre Manager

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