We help organisations to engage and plan with the people impacted by their work.

No more decisions behind closed doors. No more public outrage from frustrated communities. No more meetings dominated by a few loud voices.

We’ll help you build genuine relationships with your communities and stakeholders so you can take action together.


“Business Lab helped transition our community through a period of uncertainty and change.

They helped us to create a community plan that captures the shared vision of our community. It’s a road map to a brighter future and reaffirms that good economic and community development go hand in hand.”

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Hans Neilson, former Community Advisor, Havelock Community Association

Hans Neilson, former Community Advisor, Havelock Community Association


Simplifying complexity with…


The Engagement Canvas is a ‘plan on a page’ that takes hours, not weeks, to complete.

It covers all the key strategic considerations for an engagement project.

And because it’s all on one structured page, it’s easy to get valuable feedback on your strategy.

If you don’t know where to start with your engagement planning, or you’re tired of writing 40 page engagement plans, the Engagement Canvas is for you.

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Let’s work together

When you work with us, we’ll treat you like you’re part of our team - not just a client.

We’ll get to know what makes you tick. We’ll listen and learn alongside you. And we’ll respect you by speaking our mind. We think that’s important when working on big challenges together.

Our team is a diverse group of strategists, facilitators and communicators. All joined by a common vision of connecting people for a stronger society.


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