Founded on a vision of planning that’s more enjoyable and effective.

Colin founded Business Lab in 2000 after seeing how traditional planning processes were failing to result in action in the real world.

His vision was to simplify planning and strategy, while making it more effective and enjoyable for those involved.

Our first clients were innovative businesses looking to set a new strategic direction. Before long, we started working with councils, business associations, community organisations and government organisations.


Connecting people for a stronger society.

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata
What is the most important thing in the world? The people, the people, the people

Today, we work on a wide range of projects that share the same vision. By connecting people and simplifying complexity, we’ll create a stronger society.


Proud to partner with


We view our clients as partners

We’re most effective when we build a long-term working relationship with you as your engagement partner.

Our independent support allows you to sit around the table as an equal - as just one of many. This means you can build meaningful relationships that lead to lasting change.


Meet the team


Interested in joining the team?

We welcome expressions of interest for talented people to join as Associates to be available for new projects opportunities as they arise. We find the Associate arrangement works well for people who have other work that is not full-time.

We are also open to the potential for a new Senior Associate in Wellington or Auckland. If you have strong connections in the public sector and the ability to develop new business relationships, let’s talk.


Our clients trust our approach because it results in action,
not stagnation

Phil Becker.jpg
Wellington City Council values the experience and independence that Business Lab brings to the process of community building. They enable conversations and direction setting that would otherwise not happen or be muddied by past tensions and different needs.
— Phil Becker, Business Relations Manager, Wellington City Council

If you want to learn about our carefully considered approach to engagement, we’ve created our Engagement Edge Email Course to help you increase the chances of success for future projects. If you’re concerned that engagement might be risky, time-consuming or a drain on resources - this is for you.