Engagement, public participation, collective impact, codesign, facilitation, collaboration…

What do these terms mean for you in the real world?

It can be frustrating trying to get your around all the jargon and trends.

And besides, you’ve got real work to do. People to help. Targets to meet. Projects to launch.

With our training, you’ll return to the opportunities in your work with renewed purpose, refreshed knowledge and the support of your team.



Why trust us with your professional development?


We create experiences to help you remember more, for longer.

With the internet, you can google the answer to most of the challenges your organisation faces. But knowing is one thing; being able to apply that knowledge is something else. We believe people remember experiences, not content, so we focus on creating an interactive environment that will help you to remember more, for longer.

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We won’t overwhelm you with jargon.

We’re not academics or theorists. We’re real people who work on real challenges in the real world. We’ve been grappling with the same concepts and issues as you, and we know what it’s like to wade through the complexity of social change. As trainers, our strength is in simplifying concepts to something you can truly make sense of and implement in your work.


We help you to embed the training so it’s not a one-hit-wonder.

Have you ever been to a training workshop and then never put any of it into practice? This happens when organisations don’t support you to implement what you’ve learned. We’ll help you to overcome this by working with your leaders and managers, and by regularly following up with participants after your training to check in on their progress. Accountability is crucial, and we don’t leave it to chance.

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I didn’t have any concerns before the workshops because I had seen Paul in action and liked his style. The ease of communication both before and during the event was awesome. The presenting style was so fresh and full of energy, which I loved. Paul rocked. Such a cool mannerism about him and so super helpful. THANK YOU!
— Lesley McIntosh, Sport Tasman


Choose from our road-tested training workshops

Group Facilitation Foundations

Set the foundation for your facilitation skills with this interactive training. It's for people who are new to facilitation as well as for those who want to add to their existing facilitation toolkit. Expect lots of interactive exercises, rather than wall-to-wall powerpoint. You’ll learn how to create memorable events, how to work with difficult people and how bring life to tired team meetings.

Youth Engagement workshops

Mapping your organisation’s youth capability

If your organisation is getting started on its youth engagement journey, this is the workshop for you. It’s designed for a whole organisation or team. You’ll map out how you’re currently working with young people to identify strengths to build on and opportunities to take forward. You’ll leave with a clear idea of how you can take the next steps to collaborating with young people.

Youth Codesign and Prototyping

This is a practical workshop that will help you to experience what codesign looks like and feels like. We cater to all learning styles. Playful exercises will help the active learners. Storytelling will support the relationship-learners. And we’ll introduce a codesign model for people who like the big picture. Your team will leave with a better understanding about how they might apply codesign methods to their existing work.

Safe and ethical youth codesign

So your team is already collaborating with young people and has noticed this is raising some unexpected challenges. How do you codesign with young people in a safe way? This workshop applies youth development principles to the practice of codesign. It’s an advanced workshop and works best when people are already codesigning with young people.

Plus more workshops on the way

We’ll release more information about these workshops soon, with likely topics including:

  • Community engagement for councils: moving from consultation to engagement

  • Systems change, influence and movement-making: creating a culture of collaboration in your community.



Different pricing options available on request

At Business Lab, we welcome and celebrate diversity and inclusion. So we want our training to be accessible to different groups. We are happy to work with you to find a pricing model that works for your organisation or community.